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Mission & Values

To protect, preserve, and enhance natural and cultural resources on both sides of the Ohio River between Westport and West Point, KY, as well as the region surrounding it, for the benefit of the public.

Our Vision

The natural and cultural environment of the Ohio River and its corridor is revered and enjoyed by the citizens of the region.

River Fields benefits the community by:

  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Fostering a long-term vision for land and water usage
  • Encouraging the preservation of history
  • Advocating the importance of cultural resources and the natural world
  • Improving aesthetics, design and beauty as well as preserving neighborhoods
  • Making a positive impact on the socio-economic aspects of life for everyone in the region

We envision all citizens of this area enjoying the natural and cultural environment of the Ohio River, its corridor and surrounding region.

Our Organization

  • As a land trust, River Fields holds 63 acres of key river corridor properties outright in 10 different parcels and approximately 2,172 acres in 27 conservation easements.
  • River Fields has a broad membership base of more than 2,100 citizens from 119 zip codes in the Louisville area and around the country.
  • River Fields is governed by a Board of Trustees that comprises over a dozen members who represent diverse backgrounds and community interests. Our presidents have included some of the Louisville area’s most dynamic civic leaders.
  • River Fields is the largest and oldest river conservancy on all 981 miles of the Ohio River.

Our Staff

Meme Sweets Runyon

Meme Sweets Runyon

Executive Director

Ben Miles

Land Conservation Consultant

Ben holds an MS in Environmental Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a BA in Philosophy from The University of the South. He founded Shire Environmental in 2014 and has worked with River Fields since 2015 overseeing conservation projects and land management.

Vanessa Castle

Event and Development Consultant

Vanessa has over ten years of experience working for non-profits in the Louisville area in fundraising and event planning. Working as a part-time Development Consultant for River Fields since June 2015, Vanessa assists with fundraising and educational events, membership and giving initiatives, and social media and email communications, in addition to other projects. With a background in art history, Vanessa appreciates the aesthetic beauty that conserved land brings to a community and its importance to the health and quality of life for our region's citizens.

Tina Adams

Office Manager

Our Board of Trustees

Kenneth W. Moore
Chairman and President

Hunter G. Louis
Vice President

Bea Rosenberg

Edwin H. Perry

Betsy R. Bennett
Christina Lee Brown
Marea Clark
Lee T. Cory
Arnita Gadson
Robert E. Kulp, Jr.
Logan Ormerod
Hiram C. Polk, Jr. MD
Von C. Purdy
Jane M. Townsend

Honorary Trustees
Laura Lee Lyons Brown
Sallie Bingham
Robert W. Griffith
Inez Segell

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